March 1, 2012
The virgin diaries?

I think I almost died of laughter just looking at the pictures of this article. There really is no need to read the entire thing, you will understand as soon as you see how incongruous the title and pictures are. I doubt you will regret clicking the link. The “daily fail” does it again.

February 28, 2012
Looking for a guy? wear RED!

Science has now proven what I already knew. Men prefer women who wear red. It’s because they look more “open for sex,” which based solely on biology and our animal nature, is pretty on base. After all, we are animals, and reproduction is the most important aspect of survival. So ladies, if you never gave a second thought to the color red, or just did not think it looked good enough on you, I say “wear it and own it!” (if you’re looking to attract a guy that is). Their first impression may be that you’re a floozy who just wants a one night stand, but I’m sure your personality and way with words can convince that you want more than just a random hookup… or not, if that’s what you’re after (whatever works for you). It doesn’t have to be a sexy red dress, it can be something as insignificant as a red t-shirt. I think I’m going to try this out more often (as an experiment of sorts), to put the scientific method to the test and see whether or not this theory can be supported in a non-lab setting.

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